Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A day to Remember

We headed out for a day of hiking, since we were passing a Lowes I ran in to check to see if the outdoor rug I have had my eye on was marked down. It was and only 47$ yippee! It was an import from Belgium. The porch is complete except for some new pillows to be added.

On the way to the park we passed 3 homes that had stuff out at the curb with free signs, my favorite kind of sign! I have been trying to cut back on bringing things into the house but the tool box will be perfect to decorate for fall with small mums and decorative cabbage plants. And I'll redo the container for Mums.

After climping uphill on rocky terrain we finally get to see some pretty views. Snuggles is taking in the view too!

We start walking again and the next thing I know this creature comes flying up 3 feet from the ground rattling and hissing and scaring the hell out of me and the dog. Joe starts yelling get back, get back!!! Did he really think I was going to stay there? I never moved backwards so fast in my life! What jumped at me?? A poisonous Timber Rattlesnake!!! I was terrified I was bitten, I'm pulling up my pants, pulling down my socks checking for fang marks. Joe got on the phone and called his friend to look online to see if you have pain if your bitten. After I was satisfied that the snake didn't bite me we checked the dog thoroughly. Both ok!
That ended the hike, we had another mile to go to our destination butthere was no way I was going to continue on in rattlesnake territory.

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