Thursday, September 15, 2011

This little piggy came home!

My husband originally bought this pig for Mom's upstate NY cabin that was decorated, "All things pig". She no longer has the cabin and donated this little guy to my nieces yardsale. They had him priced at 2$, a bargain for sure. I retrieved him from the sale and he now his a home with me!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas Tree Shop purchase

Enlarge pictures for a closer look.

A Christmas Tree shop openend up nearby and I went to check it out yesterday. Of course most of their goods are made in China and I have a rule that if it's over 10$ I won't buy it if made in China. Not that I have anything against the Chinese but I'm trying very hard to buy American. Not easy these days.
I digress, I fell in love with these rustic barnyard animals. They were only 3.99 each so that falls within the rules I have set for myself doesn't it?

They are about 9"x12" and I love the french script. They are rustic and made of wood. I think they will find a home in my kitchen along with a pig I stole from my nieces this past weekend. That story tomorrow!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

FREE!!! Be still my heart!

Driving home from town I saw a woman putting something out at the curb, as I approached I saw this, I drove to the next road, made a quick turn hoping it was still there and it was, this beautiful huge mirror! It's 57 Inches high, it's a huge thing made by Carolina Mirror by Crown Fine Arts. I couldn't find one like it on line but the company has been in business for 70 years.

I drive back into town and what is out now with a free sign? A 23 inch flat screen tv!! Of course that went into my car, it will be my tv for workouts in the basement, that's if I can drag away from looking at the mirror!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brimfield and yardsale purchases

This past Saturday was the yearly animal shelter sale. I found a few bargains. Most went home with my brother but I was fortunate to find this cute little vase for 1$. I found 3 while bowls in brand new condition for 2$ each. Two pouring bowls and one large bowl. I kept one of the pourers for myself, brother got the other two.
I also found the crackle glass waterer for 2$ and 3 of these pictures on wood for 1$ each. I thought they had shabby chic potential and knew I would be sorry if I didn't buy them.

Brimfield is a great antique show in Massachusetts, I found the Ironstone tureen for 20$, the pretty music sheet for my sister for 5$ and the fleur planter for 5$ and the flower frog for 15$.