Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas Tree Shop purchase

Enlarge pictures for a closer look.

A Christmas Tree shop openend up nearby and I went to check it out yesterday. Of course most of their goods are made in China and I have a rule that if it's over 10$ I won't buy it if made in China. Not that I have anything against the Chinese but I'm trying very hard to buy American. Not easy these days.
I digress, I fell in love with these rustic barnyard animals. They were only 3.99 each so that falls within the rules I have set for myself doesn't it?

They are about 9"x12" and I love the french script. They are rustic and made of wood. I think they will find a home in my kitchen along with a pig I stole from my nieces this past weekend. That story tomorrow!

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  1. That idea of using lattice type boards to make a picture is a good one and I think I'm gonna have to steal it and make my own with Graphics Fairies' free prints! thanks for sharing this one. I'm with you on the buying American idea, but hadn't thought of setting a price limit, so I'm gonna steal that idea too! I will buy Chinese stuff at the thrift store tho as it is an American buy if it goes to an American store, right? I'm really enjoying your blog and am your latest follower.