Monday, March 14, 2011

An new orchid and what not to do to your orchid..

Over the weekend I joinedmy local Orchid Society, and I'm glad I did because I learned alot just going to their open house and sale. See the orchid on the left? When those leggy things turn brown I cut them off, WRONG!! I learned that I should be spritizing them with water on a daily basis to keep them nice and green and that they should be exposed like that.
The orchid on the right is my new Miltonia (mil-toh-nee-ah) also called the pansy orchid.
I love my orchids, they give months of blooms and really are easy to keep, even when you don't know what your doing!
A great source for info on orchids is the American Orchid Society, their web address is
Go out and buy yourself and orchid, you will be glad you did!
A great to start with is the Phalaenopsis, (fayl-eh-NOP-siss), those are the ones you see at Home Depot and such.


  1. Mary,

    I love orchids and your new Miltonia is gorgeous! It looks perfect in your living room.


  2. I'm glad you joined and oh by the color of that orchid above is stunning....very deep and rich looking (with all the softness inside:). Good luck and happy growing!!!